The models are suitable for P4 and EM gauge in 4 mm scale and the etches cover both these ‘finescale’ options. “00” is an option but that will require additional work on the part of the builder except for the tender, Version 3 of which has this option.

Notice 1 June 2014- none of the kits below will be repeated. Support for these models will continue using spare parts collected over the past 4 years.


Product Description Ref. No.   Expected Price
Robinson 4-6-0 Class 8 (LNER B5/1) for P4 and EM GCM001
Robinson 4-6-0 LNER B5/3 for P4 and EM GCM002
Robinson 4-6-0 Class 8C (LNER B1) for P4 and EM GCM003
Robinson 4-6-0 Class 8F (LNER B4) for P4 and EM GCM004
Robinson 4-4-2 Class 8B (LNER C4) for P4 and EM GCM005

Version 3 has arrived and some have been delivered. This includes an ’00’ option and adds extra parts and all the coal rail options.

GCR Standard Tender (4000G) Version 3 GCM103