The Scalefour Society

G5 Locomotive Company
A fascinating insight into building a brand new, full size locomotive from the original drawings – something, which makes 4 mm enterprises look like really small beer.

John Fozard North Eastern Design
Because of the untimely death of John Fozard, the business appears to be on hold for the moment (Dec 2013).

North Eastern Design specialises in etched model railway items in 4m, 7mm, and 16mm scales, we also produce ready to run rolling stock, in all three scales. Of particular interest to Great Central Modellers is a range of carriages including Great Central Railway coach a 60 ft non corridor all 3rd, GCR diagram 3B5 (LNER D5038) and and 60 ft brake third GCR. Diagram 3A7, (LNER. D5086).